Rail Trail Duathlon – training diaries #2

Week 2 of the Pulse Fitness Alexandra Team training diaries. There are only 4 weeks to go to the Rail Trail Duathlon on 25th & 26th Feb 2017.

You’ll see that the level of exercise activity and training locations certainly varies across the team members – if you are struggling with any preparation perhaps check out the motivational quote from Pulse Fitness below!

Team “no pulse” – Pippa Wellstead and Fiona King

The No Pulse team training logs:

Pippa Wellstead
This week has been about me trying to get back into healthy eating and trying to lose the sluggish feeling that seems to come hand in hand with Christmas holidays.
Two of my three children went away on Saturday for the week and Mark went back to Perth to work on Monday leaving me with just one child. It was the prime time to clean the house out of all the left over goodies and try to get some order back into meal times and exercise times.

Tribe Life was nowhere near as hard as last week and I was still able to move on Tuesday which was a bonus as I was able to get out the door and do two 10k runs. Neither was easy and I didn’t have Mark to push me along but I was pleased with both efforts. I am not a speedy runner and no matter how many times Mark tells me I need to do speed work, it just doesn’t work for me. I do 5k in 32 minutes, 10k in 1 hr 5 minutes and can’t really see me doing anything any faster.

Pippa Training on the Otago Central Rail Trail. Pic image central

Planning for me is vital as with no plan, training gets a little airy fairy with me going out for a run as and when time permits. This isn’t going to bode well come 25th Feb so I intend to write up a schedule this weekend and follow it through until the Duathlon. The plan will include the length of the run as if I just write down “run” then, knowing myself so well, other things will get in the way and the first thing to go will be my run time. Last night I had all my gear out and set to go so that as soon as I woke up, I was out the door and back before anyone missed me.

Pippa’s training gear

This week I had the opportunity to visit our Trail Journeys depot in Middlemarch and whilst I had a great day getting a feel for the accommodation along the way,
I also got to see just how far Middlemarch is from Clyde and I am feeling a nervous about what I have committed to!

This Saturday I am running the Luggate to Albert Town Trail Run which is 13km. I will let you know how I get on.

Fiona King
I have managed to get on the bike this week, but not a whole lot. I am still on leave from work and just hanging out with the kids on school holidays. This had been great but I haven’t had a lot of chance to get some alone time to do any long rides. 

Cycling a 20km loop around Clyde to Alexandra on the trail and river track. Pic image central

I have got a couple of evening rides in once my husband has got home from work. I managed a 2 hour ride one night and had planned that for a second ride but the driving rain that started about 30 minutes into the ride made me lose interest so I only did 1.5 hours (I’m sensing lack of commitment here!). I did squeeze in another quick 25 km ride as well one morning.  

Hoping to get in a longer ride this week but will see how life pans out…….

Evidence of Fiona’s cycle in the rain looking back towards Galloway direction. Pic Fiona King

Mark Wellstead & Camille O’Connor

On the Pulse Training Log …

Camille O’Connor
“So this week’s training has consisted of:
1 x Body Combat Class, 1 x 50 min indoor cycling session, 4 Core classes, 2 RPM sessions, 2 Body PUMP classes, 1 Tribe LIFE circuit session and a Bike ride with a friend to Lauder (for Lunch) and back.

Camille and friend, Pip, enjoying lunch at Lauder Stationside Café.

To date my training has been pretty non-rail trail duathlon specific as I have really struggled with my weekly workload of classes to fit in any outside rides. However this week I have been fortunate that my parents have taken all the kids away for a few days holidaying in Twizel which has allowed me the opportunity to get in a big ride (and a nice dinner out with the husband!).

Like Pippa I like to have a plan for my weekly training and so I have an idea each day what I will be doing. My biggest problem is actually finding time to allow recovery! – that’s very important ‘down time’ to allow the benefits of the weekly training sessions to happen.
What I have been treating myself to is a fortnightly massage and I have been finding that my body (and mind!) is loving the benefits of this. It’s not often in a day I actually stop for 1 hour but this has forced me to do that.

As we hit February next week (where has January gone??!) – it’s a big reminder we are not too far away from race day and still a bit of training to do between now and then!”
(PS And just because she could, yesterday, Camille cycled from Clyde to Lauder and back a 89.44km ride and even managed to convince her cousin Jimmy and friend Pip to try and keep up with her)

Jimmy and Camille outside the Ladies Waiting Room at Galloway. Pic supplied.

Camille at Tiger Hill Underpass between Chatto Creek & Omakau. Pic Camille O’Connor

Mark Wellstead
“Had a sore knee this last week due to hill work involving too much downhill running on old knees, it was fortunate that I had to have 3 day forced rest whilst flying back to work. I will mostly train on the flat now and need to introduce some speed work to training in the hope that I can make myself go faster, rather than plodding along.

Temperature in Pannawonica, Western Australia where Mark is working Pic: Mark Wellstead

The knee feels much better but my first run in Australia was on Wednesday evening and it was in 41c, which was a bit uncomfortable. I ran for 40 minutes and at the end I felt like I had run a marathon. It will be a real test of mental strength to train in this heat but it should make race day that much easier. I will only be training once a day from now on as I don’t think that I would not be able to keep up with fluid replacement.

Mark training in Pannawonica, Western Australia

Positive for the week – My knee feels good and training in this heat drops weight very quickly. Negative for the week – I was struggling up a hill in 41c and then the song Let it Go, from the film Frozen assaulted my ears, this is not an ideal running song! Lesson learnt was not to let your 10 year old daughter put the songs on your iPod.

Now I am back on site I have started a no sugar diet to shift the last 3-4 kg, also I move to a camp on Friday that has notoriously crap food so that will definitely help with weight loss.  

Pulse Fitness motivational Quote of the Week:

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