Rail Trail Duathlon – training diaries #1

Week 1 of the Pulse Fitness Alexandra Team training diaries. There are 5 weeks to go to the Rail Trail Duathlon on 25th & 26th Feb 2017.

Last week we met two teams with very different goals preparing for the 2017 Rail Trail Duathlon. Here is an update what training they have (or haven’t) been doing this week.

Team “no pulse” – Pippa Wellstead and Fiona King

The No Pulse team training logs:

Pippa Wellstead
I started the week with two runs with Mark. The first was a 9km run along the River Track and then an 8k run the next day from Trail Journeys back home to Earnscleugh.

Heading out the door for day 2 was not good and if it hadn’t been for Mark egging me on, I may have not gone!

My toe nails still haven’t recovered from doing the Queenstown half marathon and they are hating being jammed back into my running shoes again.

Pip running on the Otago Central Rail Trail between Clyde and Alexandra. Pic Image Central

Monday morning came around as did Tribe Life – a 6 week, two sessions a week, group fitness class that I have enjoyed taking part in for the past 3 years at Pulse Fitness. I took a break back in November and Monday was my first day back.

Since then, I have barely been able to walk or gracefully sit down, never mind run. Hoping it gets easier tomorrow!

Fiona King
Hi there, we have been on family holiday in Te Anau this week and have had 5 days of wind and rain!

Milford Sound. Image supplied.

I’ve switched into holiday mode and this has not helped the training this week!

So, I’ve been on no bike rides but I have managed 3 x 40 minute runs (2 in the rain!) to keep the CV (cardiovascular) fitness from disappearing all together. I have managed to read 2 good books though!

Fiona and her children Meg, Liam and Ellie settle down for breakfast (is that bacon?) at Worsley Hut, Te Anau. Pic courtesy Geoff King.

I’ll be back to the real world next week so the holiday feeling will be over and I’ll will need to get on the bike.

Mark Wellstead & Camille O’Connor

On the Pulse Training Log …

Camille O’Connor
So a bit of a mixed bag with regards to my training last week as we were away for a few days on holiday and I didn’t take my bike.

On Monday I taught a 1 hour Body Combat (mixed martial arts) class in the morning and did a 30 min HITT (High intensity Interval training) circuit session in the afternoon.
Tuesday a 30 min HITT session in the morning and then as part of my recovery I had a 1 hour massage. That evening I taught a 45 min RPM (cycling class) and 30 min CX (core) class.

Camille taking a RPM class at Pulse Fitness Alexandra. Pic by Camille O’Connor

Wednesday was a 45 min RPM class (cycling specific training and a great interval session).

On Thursday we were in Temuka for a little break away watching my eldest son in a South Island Primary School Cricket Tournament. I must admit this day after sleeping in a bunk room with 3 children and not having the best sleep I was feeling a bit tired but I managed to get in a 40 min walk.

Friday – after a better sleep on the bunk bed I got up for a gentle 6km run through the Temuka Botanical gardens and around the golf course. It was so nice to be on a different training ground, a different environment can often clear the mind!

Saturday was a travelling day – time to return home after a very short break but feeling quite refreshed.

On Sunday I took a class full of Alex Rugby players through a 45min RPM session as part of their pre-season training.

The “Green Fry Up” breakfast. Dish and Pic Camille O’Connor

A huge part to ensure I can train adequately is focusing on my nutrition and I have recently found a breakfast that makes me go “ZING” and sets me up well for the day.

It’s called my “Green Fry Up”! and even my children are requesting it at breakfast time. It includes: Spinach, Kale, Asparagus, Celery and mushrooms sautéd in a little butter and then served on Paleo bread with avocado and a small amount of sweet chilli sauce!

Mark Wellstead
My training for the week has been twice a day every other day with morning runs being on the flat and pushing the speed of the run and then afternoon/evenings I have been doing hill work.

Mark training on the Otago Central Rail Trail (Muttontown Bridge) – Pic image central

On the days in between I just do about an hour on the flat either along the rail trail or along the river track. The longest run so far on the days that I only do one run was 20 kilometres.

Mark training in Earnscleugh. Pic Mark Wellstead

Most of the hill work has been in the hills around Earnscleugh and all runs have been an hour plus, I have an amazing off road training ground right outside the front door so there is a constant reminder out of every window of the house to get my backside off of the couch and get another run in for the day.

This week’s positive discovery has been the Beastie Boys are still a great band to listen to whilst torturing yourself on a painful hill run. Although carrying my I pod Nano is easier than carrying a huge Walkman like I did in training runs 25 years ago. This week’s negative discovery has been that 44 year old knees do not like training twice as much as they used to, OUCH!!!

The biggest positive out of the whole exercise so far has been that I have gone from a weight of 96.8kg down to 91.5kg and the goal is to be 88kg by race day.

I can also feel a total addiction to running again which I have not felt in a very long time, it feels great!

Mark snapped devouring a trumpet! Pic Clare (Paparazzi) Toia-Bailey

PS We happened to bump into Mark on a rest day (mostly due to sore knees) in contrast to his team partner he was indulging in a trumpet!!! YUM!

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