Rail Trail Duathlon 2017

Meet two teams with very different goals that have been entered by Pulse Fitness Alexandra for the Rail Trail Duathlon on the 25th & 26th of Feb. We are going to follow their weekly training from now until the Duathlon.


Pippa Wellstead
Hi, I’m Pippa Wellstead and I work at Trail Journeys in Clyde. I have entered to compete in the Rail Trail Duathlon in a team of 2 with a friend, Fiona King. I will be running the 4 legs and Fi will be cycling. Our team name is “No Pulse”.

This is a first time for me and I must say I am a little daunted by what I have let myself in for. I am not a runner but had it in my head that I wanted to complete a half marathon before I turned 50, and over a few wines last summer, committed to taking part in the Queenstown Half Marathon. I did it and hated it but loved the feeling of setting the challenge and getting to the finish line. Had I not committed to entering, I would still be saying now… I wish I could do that!

I am not a sporty person and have never really been good at sport of any kind. Weight has always been an issue for me and since discovering group fitness and running I am in a much better place. I have found that although I will not win a race I am able to push myself and stick with it, having an attitude of not quitting.

The Rail Trail Duathlon for me is about having a goal and getting to Middlemarch whilst having a laugh along the way. I don’t expect to break any records other than my personal one of starting and finishing something!

Fiona King
Hi, I’m Fiona and this will be my third time I have done the Otago Central Rail Trail Duathlon. In the past I have done it as a team of four and done one running stage on each day. This time I will be doing it in a team of two and doing all the biking stages on both days.

I am joining up with Pippa Wellstead as Team “No Pulse”. I would not describe myself as a runner or a cyclist but do a bit of both these days for fitness and enjoyment (sometimes its fun!) In a past life I have played netball and rugby competitively and nowdays still dabble in a bit of netball and basketball for fun and social interaction!

I work as a physiotherapist part-time at Alexandra Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre as well as being a Mum to 3 children.

I have entered the Duathlon mainly for fun but also for a challenge and to have a goal for the next few weeks to try to keep up the training levels.

Pippa and I are in it to participate and my only expectation is to have a fun weekend.

Camille O’Connor
Hi I am Camille and I am completing for my second time in the Rail Trail Duathlon. Last year I competed in a team of 3 women but this year have teamed up with my friend Mark Wellstead and we form one of the Pulse Fitness sponsored teams called On the Pulse and are entered in the Mixed Teams category. My role in this team is to complete all the cycling legs on Day 1 and 2.


My occupation is a Gym owner and Group Fitness Instructor at Pulse Fitness Alexandra and I am a mum to four energetic children.

In my day – I have been a Semi-professional Netball player for the Southern Sting, Canterbury Flames and Otago Rebels. More recently I have found a passion for cycling (both road and mountain biking) and have competed in a number of events from the Goldrush 3 day event, Wanaka Half Ironman, Lake Taupo Cycle challenge and the Naseby 12 hour race.

My job as a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor keeps me pretty fit as I teach anywhere between 6-10 classes most weeks ranging from RPM, Body Combat, CX core training and Body PUMP.

Goals for this event:

Personally I would like to be as competitive as possible in the Mixed Team category.

My Teammate, Mark, has certainly put the pressure on and I think he has high hopes for our team. I hope I live up to his expectations!

Mark Wellstead
Hello, I’m Mark Wellstead and I currently work in Western Australia for a mining company. I have entered the Rail Trail Duathlon as the running part of the team “On the Pulse” with Camille O’Connor.


My aim is to try and get back into my running which I have neglected over the last couple of decades. I have always run to keep fit but have not competed in any races for about 20 years. As I am goal driven this has been the incentive that I needed to start to train properly.

I ran for my County in the UK where I grew up and I was always used to either winning races or being in the leading pack. My body has obviously not retained its racing snake appearance or speed from my youth but I will give it my best shot in training and over the two days of racing and will try not to let my team mate down.

My team mate Camille is very competitive so my training over the last month has been pretty serious. I have started to run twice a day every other day and I am already feeling that old addiction for running and it feels great to have a reason to train again.

My last month of my training will be in Western Australia with some of it being in remote areas where it is very hot and full of snakes, so not your normal running conditions, hopefully this will toughen me up enough for the race.

Need help with your training programme? A six week program can be found here: http://www.railtrailduathlon.com/training-program

ENTER the Rail Trail Duathlon here: https://v2.eventplus.co.nz/start?eporg=RTD17

More information about the Rail Trail Duathlon here: http://www.otagocentralrailtrail.co.nz/rail-trail-duathlon-and-mountain-bike-race/

More about Pulse Fitness here: http://www.pulse-fitness.co.nz/

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