The Ball Boy

Words Adrian Morgan | Images Clare Toia-Bailey

Leif Tippet. Remember that name.

Leif volunteers as a ball boy at all the Clyde-Earnscleugh Premier rugby home games. He will be there this weekend when Clyde-Earnscleugh take on Alexandra RFC at Clyde Domain.

We caught up with Leif after his game last weekend and found a quietly spoken and gentle kid who’s passionate about rugby but who also has an inspiring story.

Leif plays half back for the Clyde-Earnscleugh under 10s. He’s a very good player – committed and busy on defense and attack. Leif says, his dad, Kerry, who is also one of his team’s coaches, is the one who really got him into rugby. He loves the physical aspects of rugby, as he says …

“I like tackling other players and stuff. I like the rough and tumble of rugby. I play heaps of other sports but rugby is my main sport. I concentrate on that the most.”
Leif Tippet

Leif dreams of playing for the Highlanders and All Blacks one day, just like his hero, Aaron Smith. At the local games he likes watching his favourite players Paddy Rabbit and Jai Baxter who play for Clyde-Earnscleugh Premiers.

A lot of kids dream about being an All Black, but while most kids dream about achieving things, Leif is the sort who does something about it.

Last year, Leif raised $2,190 for Cystic Fibrosis after being inspired to do something after watching a music video by band OneRepublic whose song, I lived, features a boy living with the condition. Here’s what Leif says about it:

I was watching the Edge music station. It came up with a song by One Republic. It’s a song that they made for somebody who has cystic fibrosis and at the end of the video they said they had raised $1 million. We thought we could raise a bit of money and then mum and me came up with an idea to raise money by running for cystic fibrosis. Leif Tippet

If you have not seen the song then check it out below. Leif raised the money by running in 5k and 10k running events around Central Otago at the start of last year. He even caught the attention of the band who posted about his efforts on their facebook page. Pretty impressive eh?!

Now, let’s see what Leif does about becoming an All Black …

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