A Common Bond

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When we were talking to Ali Cameron’s youngest daughter Ellah (7), we wanted to find out who she saw as her netball role model. The names of players did not come easily but she looked over at her mum, and we could tell who it was.

When it comes to sports involvement, Mums can model behaviour in a number of ways. For Ali Cameron, it’s about active involvement. This year the Camerons have become a netball family with mum, Ali, and both of her daughters Madi (13) and Ellah all playing regularly at the Central Otago Netball Centre.

Ali has always enjoyed playing Netball. She started playing as an 8 year old growing up in Tapanui where she dreamed of playing for the Silver Ferns. Ali continues to play in the local competition, as she says,

“I’m playing C Grade. So it’s really social … well we would like to be non-competitive but we all have that competitive streak in us!”
Ali Cameron

While the Silver Ferns dream is over, Ali still gets a lot of enjoyment out of the game particularly keeping active and getting regular exercise. Playing each Saturday also gives Ali a good break in the week away from all the responsibilities that come with a busy household.

More and more she is finding it rewarding to see her daughters start out in the game. Netball is something they can enjoy together and since they are all shooters they regularly visit the local school in Clyde for practice. Madi plays in D grade for Dunstan High School and youngest daughter Ellah is a sharpshooter for the Clyde Dolphins.

Ali enjoys bonding with her daughters through their common interest in netball but also sees benefits for her girls getting regular exercise and learning to play in a team.

It’s great to see all the Cameron’s out there playing. There are many other ways to be involved including coaching, umpiring, scoring, timekeeping, spectating, playing and so on. All of these roles can provide plenty of rewards. How are you finding a way to be part of your daughter’s sporting life?

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