Purchasing Photos

Image Sharing
Images with the image central watermark are available for personal use (e.g. sharing on Facebook) without fee as long as the images is linked back to our Facebook page. These images are not for commercial use, and are subject to copyright restrictions.

Want a high resolution image?
If you would like a high resolution image(s) they are available for sale for between $5 and $15 for private use. touch and quote the image reference number for the image(s) you are after. The reference number appears on the bottom left of each photo. We will send you an invoice with the amount you have nominated. Once the payment is processed we will send a link for you to download the image.

We are frequently asked to take sports photographs for individuals, teams or organisations. We charge an hourly rate for this type of photography, plus editing. Please contact us for a quote for your photography requirements.

Commercial Use
Our commercial rates vary depending on the length of use and resolution (size) required for digital images and by circulation for print. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to obtain a rate card.

Partner with us or advertise
Please get in touch. our contact details can be found by clicking here

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