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image central is about encouraging participation in sport at all levels through inspirational imagery and story telling.

Our style is spontaneous, honest and authentic. We aim to capture the story of a game or an event including the involvement of players, supporters and fans. It’s all these elements coming together that capture the experience of participation. Check out some of our galleries and you will see what we mean.

We believe inspirational imagery is a powerful tool to help promote participation in sport, and we think this is important because over and above the obvious health benefits, there are some pretty awesome social benefits as well. Sport helps to build and bond communities. Sport requires volunteer effort to make it happen, it provides an important reason to work together as a community. It also fosters community spirit, pride and personal self-esteem. We want to capture and promote these elements in our backyard. We live in a fantastic part of the world and we’ve found there’s plenty of interest in seeing and hearing more about local sport and events.

Some of the broader issues we care about and want to help address in sport are:
• Encouraging participation in sport through inspirational images and story telling
• Promoting female participation in sport
• Helping to acknowledge our wonderful volunteers and sponsors that make it all happen.

We’ve got loads of other ideas as to how image central can work in collaboration with the wider community to support local sport. Our challenge is addressing these issues in a sustainable way. We need your help to do it! If you would like to get behind our effort then you can help by joining our community:
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• Let us know if you’ve got a sporting event or match that you want photographed
• Buy some of our pics. They make great gifts for your proud friends and families or as a ‘thank you’ to your Coach or supporters.

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