Rail Trail Duathlon – Training Diaries – Week #5

Week 5 of the Pulse Fitness Alexandra Team training diaries with less than 1 week to go to the Rail Trail Duathlon on 25th & 26th Feb 2017. Are they ready? Injured? Tired? Can’t wait until its over? …

Team “no pulse” – Pippa Wellstead and Fiona King
Pippa Wellstead
“This time next week we will be all done and hopefully feeling a magical sense of achievement.

My week has been very disruptive training wise as my dreaded toenail has been playing up. I thought it was coming off was the last of it but on Monday the nail bed split down the middle and oh my goodness..the pain! I cannot believe how something so small could hurt so much. I could barely walk on it and certainly couldn’t run on it. So I have had a week of panicking and doing everything other than running.

Monday I did Tribe Punch with a sore toe but not really knowing why it was sore until I went to run on it and it popped open!
Tuesday I hobbled around feeling very sorry for myself.
Wednesday I strapped it up and sucked it up and managed Tribe Life and RPM.
Thursday it was agony again but I kept at it with the cream that the podiatrist put me on to.
Friday I rested…
Saturday I ran from Alexandra to Clyde and felt fine so went out again that afternoon and ran another 8km…with no pain so I think all is OK! It was however 30 degrees and when I came across the sprinklers it was just too much of a temptation.

Now we have 5 days to go and I need to run like Forrest all week and hope it will get me through next weekend!”

Fiona King
“I am definitely on the count down now until race weekend. I have started to lose my enthusiasm for training this week and have also been a bit busier with other things so my time has been pushed a bit more.

I went for a great ride on Sunday with Camille to Omakau and back. It was great for 3 reasons: 1) I did it (72 km) 2) I survived it and 3) I could still walk the next day! It didn’t feel great at the time as we had some hideous winds in varying directions the whole way and I hit the wall at about 60 km. Luckily Camille’s emergency lolly stash came out at Alex to get me the last 8 km into the head wind home.

The rest of the week I had various commitments in the evenings so didn’t manage another training ride on the trail until Thursday night. This was bliss though as for the first time in about 6 weeks I went for a bike ride with little or no wind. I am really hoping we don’t have wind race weekend as what a different experience. The whole 50 km was enjoyable!

Also did a wee jaunt down the trail this week with the Clyde Primary 4,5 and 6s on the way to the Koura farm. I enjoyed that pace!

Only one week to go – I can “taper” my training now which means I have a valid excuse to not do much!

Mark Wellstead & Camille O’Connor

Camille O’Connor
“One word to explain how I have been feeling this week and it’s …… TIRED. An accumulation of the heavy training weeks that have just gone, extra classes at the gym with staff away, getting back in to the school routine and activities with the kids.

My theory is it’s better to feel like this now and not race weekend! And I just have to be smart in the next week leading up to the event both with training, recovery, sleep and nutrition.

Camille O’Connor training on the Otago Central Rail Trail (pic. image central)

I went for a ride with Fiona to Omakau and back last Sunday and it took me until Chatto Creek (25km into our 76km ride) to get into it (mentally and physically) and for my legs to feel okay. The wind was relentless and incredibly changeable. We left home with no wind at all, got to Chatto Creek with a super strong head wind which reduced our riding pace to just 10km per hour. As we approached Omakau we started to look forward to the ride home (surely a tail wind!). Yep ….. to just past Chatto Creek on the way home we had an awesome tail wind. But beyond that a cross wind and then another relentless head wind the last 8km Alex to Clyde.

My tapering is starting to happen with a couple of days at the end of this week as light training days and 2 days total rest. We had a friend’s wedding (a dawn ceremony on a beach at Portobello in Dunedin) and then a lazy day watching my son play rep cricket.

This next week leading into the race is all about getting my gear ready (if I talk nicely to my husband I am hoping he will service my bike for me!), as well as fitting in my classes and kids after school activities. The plan is to cut back on classes near the end of the week and have Thursday and Friday off any intense exercise completely as well as squeezing in my last pre-race massage.

It’s now countdown and I’m like a kid leading up to Christmas and excited about the race coming up in 6 days! I believe I have done all the training I could with the time I have had available and are now looking forward to getting started with my teammate Mark.”

Mark Wellstead
“It has been a very busy working week but I have managed to run every night, mostly because I have had a couple of guys I work with talking me into an insane hill run most days.

Mark training on the Otago Central Rail Trail earlier this year (Pic: image central)

The runs are turning into races most days and I can feel some speed returning which feels fantastic, not as quick as 20 years ago but It will do for the race next weekend. I have managed to get to 88kg as well which is the most exciting part of the whole process and I feel great. I can’t wait for race day and I feel excited and very nervous,

The two guys below are loving torturing me on runs, they are both sadists!”

Marks training buddies in Western Australia. Pic Mark Wellstead

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