Rail Trail Duathlon – training diaries #3

Week 3 of the Pulse Fitness Alexandra Team training diaries with less than 3 weeks to go to the Rail Trail Duathlon on 25th & 26th Feb 2017. Read how they are doing!

Team “no pulse” – Pippa Wellstead and Fiona King

Pippa Wellstead
“I started my week with the ‘Big Easy Trail Run’ from Luggate to Albert Town on Saturday and it was a complete shock to the system. I am used to running at 6:00am, around Earnscleugh on sealed roads or along the river track with the temperature in the early teens.

Saturdays run was mid-day on the one day of summer we have had this year, clear skies, no wind and with very little shelter. I died! I learnt a big lesson in that I perhaps need to do some training in the conditions which I will probably be running in at the end of February!

I did however enjoy the run, I thought I did OK and crossed the finish line which was the goal. Since then I have done a Tribe Punch class at Pulse – my first go at Punch and I loved it. It is a cross between Tribe Life and Tribe Fit, heaps of fun and a real good workout. Tribe Life came round soon enough on Wednesday morning and this week was particularly gruelling with a few to many lunges for my liking.

Pippa on the trail near Clyde. Pic: Pippa Wellstead

Then on Friday night my worst time of day to get out for exercise, I dragged myself over to Young Lane, put on my headphones and went for an hours run to the netball courts and back and had my best run ever! I don’t know why, but the days I really really don’t feel like running are always the days that I run the best.

My decision to cut out the bad food and get a grip on my food intake is paying off and I am back on track with the scales going in the right direction and I feel heaps better for it.”

My highlight for the week was my offensive toenail finally falling off…yuk!!!

Fiona King
“Another week done and dusted! Everyone in my house are back into the routines of school and work again this week. Getting the kids out of bed in the morning has been a little challenging but getting them to bed in the evening even harder! Summer holidays are over kids!

I managed a couple of longer rides this week (50 km, is long for me) and also did them 2 days in a row which was good to see how day 2 felt (not great!)
I manage about 2 hours on the bike and then various and multiple body areas start to protest in small ways. I got the foam roller out this week for some recovery work on the leg muscles. That wasn’t pleasant either! (I did say I was doing this for fun didn’t I?).

I thought I would try to bike to work a bit more if I can manage it timewise to get a few more km’s in. It’s a 16km round trip from home into Alex so a good way to spend a bit more time in the saddle. A colleague at work has signed us up at work for the Aotearoa bike challenge also so it all adds up. Other training this week has included a 50 min run and a social game of mixed basketball (I biked there and back!).

Picture- the mighty Molyhawks after their semifinal basketball win in the Alexandra summer league. Pic supplied.

The aim for next week is more of the same. A couple of longer rides a week is realistic for what I can fit into life and then if I can do another couple of shorter rides or other exercise I will be pretty happy.”

Mark Wellstead & Camille O’Connor

Camille O’Connor
“This week has been madness! I have had some staff away from work so have taken a few extra classes (on top of my usual number). A total of 12 classes to be exact! Of these 12, 5 of them have been Body PUMP (normally I do 1 PUMP a week so it’s been a massive shock to the body) and the body is really starting to feel the effects – yep as I write this I am a bit tired and sore!

Talia Hom & Camille O’Connor of Pulse Fitness. Pic Camille O’Connor

Even though I am tired I have noticed that with the extra training and regular massage that my recovery from big sessions and big weeks has been great.
Kids headed back to school too this week so while we have resumed some normality it’s been a bit of a mission to get them out the door in the mornings and we are straight into after school activities to add to the daily agenda. Hey – but I wouldn’t have it any other way as I love it that my kids are involved in sports and other afterschool activities and I enjoy going along to watch them.

I must admit after lasts week ride to Lauder and back it has got me quite excited about the Duathlon in now only 3 weeks! I am so hoping the day I had (with NO wind) will be repeated on race day.

Mark and I have been keeping each other motivated by messaging some photos of our training to help support each other through some hard sessions. He sure has added another level to my training and motivation and I did comment to him the other day ‘did he actually realise we aren’t competing against each other!’

I’m looking forward to a day of rest on Sunday then back into it next week with a couple more rides planned on the Rail Trail.”

Mark Wellstead
“I moved to a site that has a mountain called Mount Nameless this week so a lot of training was done on it which was pretty difficult.

Mark at “Mount Nameless” Australia where he is based. Pic Mark Wellstead

I only did one run to the top and back which took 1 hour and 19 minutes and was the hardest run I have done for a very long time. The weather turned as a cyclone was heading our way and cooler temperature and rain was great.

Mark training in Gijiganup near Perth. Pic Mark Wellstead
Mark training in Gijiganup near Perth. Pic Mark Wellstead

The last 3 days training has been at my Cousins farm in Gijiganup outside Perth and I am alternating long runs and speedwork which is not producing any great speed but my recovery is quick.

Mark has been tucking in! Pic supplied.

Food was a struggle this week as the site I am now on has a new chef and the food is amazing. Looking forward to the race as the training is killing me. But I have become totally addicted to exercise again which feels great.”

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